• Improve and Make Everyday Life More Comfortable with Mobility Aids

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  • Technology is always progressing in today’s world. Some of the fastest advancing technologies are in medical equipment. Improvements have transformed old bulky machines into smaller and portable ones, enabling those with medical issues to reclaim more active lifestyles. In addition, with mobile medical technology, patients have found it easier to leave the house once again and see friends, family, or events that they never thought possible.

  • bathroom aids rental anna il
  • Bathroom Aids for Homes in Anna, Illinois

    Here at Personal Medical Equipment, we take care of our customers. Those seeking bathroom aids have come to the right place. Bath aids can include a variety of small items such as:


    • Nail Scissors
    • Clippers
    • Toileting Aids
    • Bath Rails
    • Non-Slip Floor Matting and Tub Matting


    All items are designed to assist elderly individuals as well as those with disabilities. They we created to assist in the function of daily activities. With our products it allows for independence and less dependability on other individuals. If you are seeking products or equipment for specific conditions, please contact us to figure out what is right for you or a loved one.

  • Wheelchairs and Walkers to Help You Move Through the House Anna, Illinois

    Wheelchair and Walkers to Help You Move in Anna, Illinois

    Personal Medical Equipment offers different devices to help people get around the house and out into the world in Carbondale, Illinois. It does not matter if a client wants a manual or an automatic wheelchair; we supply both. With an electric wheelchair, the client will use a joystick to help move around without manually moving the wheels themselves or needing someone else to push them.

    Walkers are another type of medical aid that will allow a person to move around their home and outside world once again. These walkers help add balance and enable them to lean and guide them to their destination. Some walkers can turn themselves around and become a seat. This can be handy during a family get-together or when you need a break from walking.

  • Lifts Chairs to Help With Your Mobility Issue

    If you are suffering with mobility issues, Lift Chairs allow you to sit, stand and position yourself to help lessen your pain. These are ideal for individuals with knee, hip and back pain.

  • Oxygen Made Easy in Anna, Illinois

    One of the most vital medical technology improvements seen through the years comes in oxygen tanks. Oxygen used to be wheeled around on a cart with a canister and tubes. This type still exists for those needing large quantities of oxygen, but new machines are smaller and more compact for less extreme needs. Inogen is our preferred brand of oxygen concentrators. Come into our shop and see what an Inogen portable oxygen concentrator can do for you.

  • Nebulizers in Anna, Illinois

    If you struggle with Asthma or general difficulty breathing, a nebulizer is for you! They allow for healthy airflow into the lungs. They can also assist in a reduced risk of tremors, headaches, and rapid heartrates. Additionally, nebulizers are perfect for those who struggle with the use of inhalers. Depending on your health status and complications, the dosage may vary.

    If you or a loved one would like more information about our nebulizers, give our office a call in the Anna, Illinois area, today!

  • CPAP Masks in Anna, Illinois

    When a patient is diagnosed with sleep apnea, what is the best solution? Many doctors may recommend that the person try a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) mask. What does this mask do? The mask's design, with the straps securely in place, will help prevent your airway from collapsing and opening back up. In addition, constant pressure from the mask will significantly decrease your snoring.