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Medical Equipment Store Anna Illinois
We offer medical supply delivery and installation service throughout Southern Illinois. Please call us for more details & availability. We also provide curbside service from our Anna location.

Get Mobility Aids and Home Medical Aid Equipment for More Independence and a Better Well-Being

Purchase or Rent Medical Aid Equipment - We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Service, if Needed.

Everyone needs a hand in today’s world. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen to us that we do not have control over whatsoever. For example, you could be in a car accident or break your leg from a fall. It does not matter how these things happen; thus, you may find yourself needing help in your daily life. This form of support can come from medical aid equipment to help a person move around. As people get older, we can find comfort in knowing that medical aids will help us in our everyday lives.

Personal Medical Equipment accepts Meridian, Health Alliance, Healthlink, Medicare, and Illinois Medicaid. These medical aids can come in many different forms, such as walkers or wheelchairs, to help us move around or oxygen machines to facilitate breathing. These are just a couple of examples of the many medical aids you can purchase from Personal Medical Equipment in Anna, Illinois.

Bathroom Aids

We offer bath safety products for additional assistance, improved safety to retain your independence.
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Mobility Equipment

Move around your home and the world around you with the assistance of a walker or wheelchair.
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Lift Chairs

If you are suffering with mobility issues, Lift Chairs allow you to sit, stand and position yourself to help lessen your pain. These are ideal for individuals with knee, hip and back pain.
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Respiratory Equipment & Medical Aid Accessories


Nebulizer Anna IL

For people with asthma attacks, a nebulizer, along with an inhaler, can help make all the difference. This air treatment can help prevent asthma and reduce the number of attacks.



Help keep your sleep apnea under control with a CPAP machine and mask. This medical technology will help cut down your snoring and can help you breathe better as you sleep.


Oxygen Anna IL

With advancements in medical technology, portable oxygen is more comfortable to carry than ever. These machines are smaller and more compact. We have machines for large or small quantities of air.

We Work with Most Insurance Companies, Give Us a Call for Information on Medical Aid Equipment or to Check your Coverage.

Delivery, Setup & Installation Services Available - Medical Aid Equipment

Our History in Anna Illinois

Our business opened its doors back in 1988. We have over 30 years of experience working with our customers to help them find the perfect medical aid that fits their lifestyle. Our exceptional customer service is one reason we have been able to keep our doors open for so long. We dedicate ourselves to answering all our customers’ questions and helping them apply the paperwork for their insurance company. It is one of the best feelings, and we are proud to help someone obtain medical aid that improves their lives.

We can help provide better quality life in Anna Illinois