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  • Since 1988, Personal Medical Equipment has been the premier medical device provider for Carbondale Illinois. It has been our great pleasure to serve this community for 30 plus years. Our business has grown along with the city and the surrounding area, and we are proud to continue to offer the best possible medical equipment for our clients. With the ever-changing field of medical technology, we are always updating our products and learning about new devices that we provide to this community.

  • Wheelchair and Walkers to Help You Move in Carbondale Illinois

  • Personal Medical Equipment offers different devices to help people get around the house and out into the world in Carbondale Illinois. It does not matter if a client wants to have a manual or an automatic wheelchair; we supply both. With an electric wheelchair, the client will be able to use a joystick to help move around without manually moving the wheels themselves or needing someone else to push them.

    Walkers are another type of medical aid that will allow a person to move around their home and outside world once again. These walkers help add balance and will enable the person using them to lean and guide them to their destination. Some walkers can turn themselves around and become a seat. This can be handy during a family get together or when you need a break from walking.

  • Oxygen Needed for Residents in Carbondale Illinois

    Oxygen machines have changed the way they look throughout the years. They were once green canisters on wheels, and a person had to pull the canister on a hand cart behind them everywhere they went. With advancing technology, patients no longer have to strain their backs to wheel this canister around. Today new oxygen machines come in the form of small, over-the-shoulder devices. This makes it easy to carry around and go places with friends and family.

  • Hospital Beds for Homes in Carbondale Illinois

  • One of the services Personal Medical Equipment offers is helping our clients obtain a hospital bed. Hospital beds are sometimes necessary for people who are trying to recover from a severe injury. One of the main features of a hospital bed is the inclining mattress, which enables you to raise your feet or sit up in the upright position to eat your meals. Hospital beds also offer rails to help keep the patient inside the bed to avoid dangerous falls. Personal Medical Equipment is always here to help Carbondale residents get the medical technology they deserve. Don’t forget we deliver these items straight to your door or office for FREE!