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  • Technology is always progressing in today’s world. Some of the fastest advancing technologies are in medical equipment. Improvements have transformed old bulky machines to be smaller and portable, enabling those with medical issues to reclaim more active lifestyles. With portable medical technology, patients have found it easier to leave the house once again and see friends, family, or events that they never thought possible.

  • The Most Comfortable Hospital Beds in Anna Illinois

  • It is always a hard day when someone hears that the best thing for their physical health is more bed rest. A patient confined to bed rest needs a hospital bed, which allows them to sit up and have a backrest. Laying in one spot all day can be boring and can cause back pain and bed sores. With a hospital bed, they can change positions for comfort and look out the window for a change of scenery. These beds also make it easier for caregivers to help feed the patient when they want a meal. One of the advantages that people can forget about is the rails that come on the bed, which help prevent your loved ones from falling out of bed. Never underestimate how a hospital bed can impact the care of your loved ones.

  • Wheelchairs and Walkers to Help You Move Through the House Anna Illinois

  • Have you lost your balance and fallen? This can be dangerous for many elderly patients. The solution to helping people keep their balance is a walker. Walkers help people get around, and some have a seat built-in that allows the user to sit when they need a break. Think of the convenience of being able to use the same piece of equipment to help you better move around and rest at a holiday celebration; you can turn your walker around and take a seat to talk to all your family and guests.

    Wheelchairs are another way for patients to increase mobility. When you have a leg injury or muscular degradation over time, and your legs cannot support your weight, a wheelchair can be the answer. A wheelchair is a piece of medical technology that allows people to maneuver around their home or out in public. There are two different types of wheelchairs: manual and electric.

  • Lifts Chairs to Help With Your Mobility Issue

    If you are suffering with mobility issues, Lift Chairs allow you to sit, stand and position yourself to help lessen your pain. These are ideal for individuals with knee, hip and back pain.

  • Oxygen Made Easy in Anna Illinois

    One of the most vital medical technology improvements seen through the years comes in the form of oxygen tanks. Oxygen used to be wheeled around on a little cart with a canister and tubes. This type still exists for those needing large quantities of oxygen, but for less extreme needs, new machines are smaller and more compact. Inogen is our preferred brand of oxygen concentrators. Come into our shop and see what an Inogen portable oxygen concentrator can do for you.

  • Nebulizers in Anna Illinois

    If you feel like an inhaler is too hard to use, or your child cannot use one without supervision, what do you do? Many families that have a child or adult with asthma can try to use a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a medical technological advancement to prevent a person’s asthma from acting up. The nebulizer uses technology to create breathing treatments to help a person with asthma have fewer attacks. For emergencies, you should still carry a rescue inhaler.

  • CPAP Masks in Anna Illinois

    When a patient is diagnosed with sleep apnea, what is the best solution? Many doctors may recommend that the person try a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) mask. What does this mask do? The design of the mask, with the straps securely in place, will help prevent your airway from collapsing and opening back up. Constant pressure from the mask will significantly decrease your snoring.